Together we inspire, engage, and create a brighter future!

Promoting Supportive and Safe Environments

For our children to grow and develop their best potentials, we must continue to create an environment that creates support for learning. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical to ensure teachers and classrooms are equipped with the best possible resources to facilitate and promote educational, emotional and physical well-being as students explore the future of distance learning or are welcomed back to school campuses this Fall.

Increasing Parent and Community Engagement

Our strength as a community is our cultural diversity. In order to maintain our focus on the needs of our children, we must involve and welcome parents in culturally responsive ways. A stronger and collaborative community fosters growth for our young minds.

Investing in State of the Art Facilities and High Quality Educators and Staff

Our students deserve state of the art schools and highly qualified educators to prepare them for the future workforce. I will continue to demand state lawmakers to properly fund education and fight to bring much needed dollars to the district. Thereby ensuring that our teachers and staff can afford to live in the community they serve, while making sure our students have access to the best facilities for generations to come. 

Enhancing Emphasis on S.T.E.M.

I believe our children deserve enriched and interactive learning environments;  in addition to arts, music and organized sports, increased emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education will provide solid foundations for our children’s ever changing futures.

Paid for by Sharan Kaur for School Board 2020. FPPC#1389193