(Partial List)


Ro Khanna, Congressman 

Bob Wieckowski, State Senator 

Bill Quirk, Assemblymember

Phong La, Alameda County Assessor 

Delaine Eastin, Former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Linda Canlas, Trustee, New Haven Unified School District

Sarabjit Cheema, Trustee, New Haven Unified School District 

Lance Nishihira, Trustee, New Haven Unified School District 

Jeff Wang, Trustee, New Haven Unified School District

Carol Dutra-Vernaci, Mayor, Union City

Emily Duncan, Councilmember, Union City

Pat Gacoscos, Councilmember, Union City

Jaime Patino, Councilmember, Union City

Gary Singh, Councilmember, Union City

Eileen McDonald, Alameda County Board of Education, President

Jim Navarro, Former Trustee and Councilmember, Union City

Cathie Kelly, Former Trustee, New Haven Unified School District 

Michael Richie, Former Trustee, New Haven Unified School District 

Harris Mojadedi, Planning Commissioner, Union City and Chair of Alameda County Human Relations Commission

Shamsa Rafay, Human Relations Commissioner, Union City

Ann Ruth Yap, Human Relations Commissioner, Union City

Anson Tjing, Human Relations Commissioner, Union City 

Harvey Dosanjh, Senior Commissioner, Union City

Larry Gissible, Senior Commissioner, Union City

Art Cipriano, Park & Recreational Commissioner, Union City

Chuck Kennedy, Park & Recreation Commissioner, Union City

Glen Nate, Park & Recreation Commissioner, Union City

Subrahmanya Bhat, Former Human Relations Commissioner, Union City

Manny Fernandez, Union Sanitary District, Director

Myrla Raymundo, Union City Historical Museum, Director

Sara Lamnin, Councilmember, Hayward

Mark Salinas, Councilmember, Hayward

Teresa Keng, Councilmember, Fremont

Raj Salwan, Councilmember, Fremont

Yang Shao, Fremont Councilmember & former Fremont School Board

Raj Chahal, Councilmember, Santa Clara

Anu Natrajan, Former Vice Mayor, Fremont

Harpreet S. Sandhu, Former Richmond City Councilmember and Executive Director of American Sikh Caucus Committee

Aziz Akbari, Alameda County Water District, Director

Jim Gunther, Alameda County Water District, Director

Arnold Pedrigal, Human Relations Commissioner, Alameda County

Manjinder Sandhu, Human Relations Commissioner, Alameda County

Lisa Brunner, Hayward Education Foundation 


Tri-Cities Democratic Forum

Muslim Democrats & Friends Club

Friends of the Filipino American Community (FFAC)

Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County

EBWPA: East Bay Women's Political Alliance 


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 “Sharan has been the person I have called on to answer my questions and listen to my concerns since she has been on the School Board. She has always been a good listener and has been happy to follow up on questions and concerns I have voiced.” 

Cathie Kelly,

Former NHUSD School Board Trustee

 “Working with you on our AAUW STEM Discovery Day for girls, I saw first hand how you raised the bar on what a difference an elected school board member could make to public education and especially how working together to bridge access inequities could make a difference. Good Luck and I hope the Area 3 residents of Union City realize what an exemplary public official they have in you.”

Letha Saldanha,

STEM Education Chair, AAUW Fremont-Newark-Union City Branch

 “Sharan has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. I have known Sharan for six years and feel she listens to all stakeholders and makes a balanced decision. She is a great leader and a valuable asset to the community she serves.”

Ritu Seehra,


 “A vote for Sharan Kaur is a vote for students!  She is committed to making New Haven schools the very best they can be.”

Michael Ritchie,

Former NHUSD School Board Trustee

“I am proud to endorse Sharan Kaur in her bid for re-election to the New Haven Unified School District's Board of Trustees. Sharan has proven herself to be a thoughtful leader within the community. She has shown courage in advocating for what she believes in, and in ensuring that every student in the District receives a quality education. Sharan embodies the qualities that we need in a Trustee - she is collaborative, accessible, and professional. I hope you will join me in supporting Sharan Kaur for NHUSD.”

Aziz Akbari,

ACWD Director

I am excited to endorse Sharan Kaur for her re-election to the School Board. I have known Sharan for years now and I always admired her dedication to public service. Sharan understands the challenges our students face and she has the vision we need to improve our schools. As a former School Board member, I am supporting Sharan because she is not afraid to make tough decisions when the decision needs to be made."

Jim Navarro,

Former School Board and City Council Member

I am an educator by profession and have lived in Union City for 42 years. Both of my children grew up attending schools within the New Haven Unified School District (K-12). With that said, I strongly believe Sharan Kaur is a friend in our community and I fully support her re-election to the New Haven Unified School District Board. Sharan grew up attending schools in this district, and since becoming NHUSD school board member in 2016, she has worked tirelessly for the children, families and schools here. She brings a passion for equity, a willingness and interest in diving deeply into issues before taking action, and of course a passion for quality education for all children. I am proud to support Sharan Kaur in her campaign for re-election to the NHUSD School Board."

Janice Fonteno,

Educator/Community Member

I give my endorsement for Sharan Kaur through the lenses of a career educator – retired Teacher and school Principal (over 35 years), as a parent, as a community member, and as an experienced school board trustee for the past ten years.


Sharan believes that our students – and their success and well-being – are the bottom line in our role as school board trustees. Student academic achievement is her highest priority.


Sharan believes in fiscal responsibility and accountability. When she makes decisions about how to spend our very limited district funds, she makes sure that she understands how the spending will benefit students, and how our spending is aligned with our overall district goals.


Sharan has demonstrated over the past four years that she holds these as her core values. These values are what we need as a District to continue to move forward through the COVID-19 pandemic. 


In this challenging environment, we need her experience, her commitment, her values and priorities, her focus on delivery of quality education, student and staff safety, fiscal responsibility, and most importantly, student achievement."

Linda Canlas,

New Haven USD Trustee

Paid for by Sharan Kaur for School Board 2020. FPPC#1389193